Worship Centre: Harris Academy Greenwich, Middle Park Avenue, Eltham, London SE9 SEQ. Hall Prayer Room. Call us on: 0746 657 4400, 0208 314 5972



People working together for a better community:


Our community outreach Programmers aim is to confront social problems in our communities by employing qualified Ministers and volunteers who are deployed to our Local communities to provide counselling and mentoring to unemployed youths, youth and family dynamics, alcohol and drug abuse, education, and spiritual values, Due to our consign on the family, our community outreach Team provide the following counselling services:

Crisis Counseling, Teen Pregnancy, financial Counselling, Family Counselling, Parenting Classes, Job retention, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Conflict management.


Youth Activities

A strong family builds a strong church, a strong church builds a strong community and a strong community builds a strong nation.

Because a solid future depends on nurturing young people today, the Community Outreach Service Centre offers the following youth-oriented activities.

Field Trips, Day camps, Computer classes, work opportunities, tutoring and school release.



Prison Care

 The Community Outreach Service Centre provides aftercare for men coming out of prison.

Education Services

Knowledge empowers individuals, who, in turn, empower the community. The Outreach Service centre provides the following educational programs: Tutoring, Literacy, Career Development, Bible classes, ESOL and Computer classes, Fashion designing and Character development.